Changing Tides

Changing Tides
Sandra Sookoo
ebook, 50 pages
Published October 26th 2010 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 97815957

Born of water. Neadra is an Undine, yet the thought of being in any body of water besides her bathtub terrifies her. In Strange Hollow, she lives on the side a the mountain, content and out of harm’s way, even as she yearns to be understood for her fears and loved in spite of them.

Drawn to water. Caelan, a water dragon from the wilds of Ireland, has been shunned by his clan for his inability to shift and terrorize. Lonely for too long, he meets Neadra one moonlit night and becomes enchanted by her kindness and her unique beauty, but how could anyone love him if he has no heroic ability whatsoever?

Threatened by water. When late spring rains, coupled with warm temperatures, melt much of the snow pack on Mt. Mitchell, a flood sweeps through the outskirts of Strange Hollow, putting Neadra’s life in danger. Caelan fights his way to get to her, pulling out the hero he never thought he could be while she, in turn, works through her fears to find him. Only through acceptance of the world around them and of each other will they find the life they’ve always wanted.

I was recommended, to a certain degree, this book by Redd who thought it would appeal to my romantic side. Her little note about it is here as it was her 300th read of 2010. Congrats, btw!

If she needed a hero, he was applying for the job.

Fair warning, I'm about to be picky.

So in the very, very traditional sense of dragons, and I'm talking about the galiant knight defeating the fire-breather and saving the day, then okay, I can see the whole pillaging and raping side of being a dragon shifter. But um.. he's a water dragon. Did water dragons ever... fuck shit up like their sky dwelling brethren?

Even with that said, I liked Caelan's dragon more than I liked Caelan the man. Little things did it really. Especially the comment he made about there being a difference between flirting and being friendly. The difference is a fine line that I don't believe many people have the sight capabilities of noticing. And I'm pretty damn sure he was all over crossing that line.

Naedra's afraid of the water but we never find out why. It just comes and goes. She didn't freak out at all when the flood was dragging her ass down main street.

As far as the lovey-dovey stuff goes, with Caelan being a forever kind of guy and wanting to prove himself to his mate- I was all about that. The crap that surrounded it, I could have lived without. 3 out of 5 stars.


Redd said...

Huh, oh well. The romantic part I thought you'd like, the rest wasn't too sure of. I just thought all the other bits were creative for the writer and was actually better written than other stuff I've read. lol.

*shrugs* That'll teach me. XD

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Creative, yes, but I would have thought you, being the purist that you are, would have had some problems. =)