Finding Destiny: Sons of Destiny novellas

Finding Destiny
Jean Johnson
Sons of Destiny novellas
Paperback, 352 pages
Published January 4th 2011 by Berkley Trade
ISBN 0425238628 (ISBN13: 9780425238622)

The slave...Chanson, a privileged Arbran dyara, discovers an unexpected connection with the excitingly different Eduor, a bracingly sexy war-slave who desires his freedom.

The knight...The Arbran diplomat Sir Zeilas must turn the Guildaran people from former enemies into allies. But in the case of their intriguingly beautiful leader, perhaps something more intimate is in order.

The mage...Gabria never expected to become a Guildaran envoy to Aurul. But the most stunning surprise was what waited for her in His Majesty's winter palace-and why.

The pirate...Captain Ellett would do anything for his king-even hunt down the pirates plaguing the Jenodan Isles. But he never counted on the seductive powers of the pirate's captain-beautiful, tempestuous, and impossible to resist.

Although this is advertised on Goodreads as book nine, it's actually a collection of four novellas set in the same world as the Sons of Destiny series. Shifting Plains was also set in the same world but just like this, it's a standalone book. However, the novellas inside spill from one to another so they each come together as one fitting tale.


By the grace of the gods, Eduor's owner coughs herself to death whilst waiting out a sandstorm on Sundarin soil which, according to Sundara law, gifts Eduor his freedom from slavery.

With aid from a traveling knight, Sir Zeilas, Eduor finds himself in the desert village home of the dyara, Chanson, a woman who can manipulate the waters. Her responsibility is great and she is all business about it. Passion and attraction are the very last things to start sparking between these two. But time passes and a respect blossoms. And a fondness. And finally, we hit the Adult chapter. The one glitch, however, is that Eduor has spent the last two years as a slave and much of it was being forced to provide oral sex. And before that he was expected to accept such from the concubines of his father's house. So... he doesn't like being ordered about in the bedroom and he doesn't like women kneeling at him at all. And yeah, he freaks a little when it happens.

And that's not where his shortcomings end either. But it does finish rather well. I suppose. 2.5 out of 5 stars.


Sir Zeilas, on quest for his king to secure an alliance with Guildara, falls in love with the land's Consul-in-Chief, Marta. Meanwhile, a neighboring kingdom is pulling forces to rise up and conquer the small nation.

Straight up, I did not care so much for this story. I'm not into machinery and there's a fuckton of it in this one. Zeilas bored me and Marta was just blah. The best part for me was likely Fireleaf, Zealis' enchanted Steed. And maybe Gabira, the Sub-Consul, and Ellett, the Mage-Captain of Aurul. But they're the focus of the final two stories. For this, 1 out of 5 stars.


In Guildara, Marta received a prophetic message that they somewhat were able to translate. Gabria, however, was not privy to the discussion and now she finds herself promised in marriage to Devin, the Seer-King of Aurul. Not just the king, but the god whom manifests in his body.

How's that for freaky? Her first interaction with her husband-to-be was while he was possessed by Aurul's deity. During which, the god unveiled that she had been chosen not just to be pleasured by his host, but chosen for He himself as well. And that He would give her a son that would one day be the new Seer-King.

Aurul is a kingdom ruled by tradition and religion. For the first three days of their marriage, Devin and Gabria are meant to get to know one another emotionally. The three days that follow that are designated to be used for getting to know one another sexually. Finally, somebody has gotten the order right!

This one just about saved the book for me. Devin is a sweetie (and an abstinent one to boot!) and Gabria actually earned a bit of my respect. Despite the circumstances she's found herself in, she won't allow anyone to take away what's meaningful to her. Not servants. Not her new husband. Nor even his god. 4 out of 5 stars.



Suul, god of Aurul, has spoken and his message has brought about a mission for Ellett, the Mage-Captain of Seer-King Devin's forces.

Ellett has been sent aboard ship with an assumed identity to await the pirates that have been plaguing Aurul's ships. What he finds is a woman capable of great powers leading her band on a quest of restitution against Aurul. She proclaims a man that Ellett knows to be very much dead has been acting as ambassador from Aurul to her people for some time. So there's a bit of a misunderstanding setting the stage for this last story. And so, they duel!

I liked this one. Out of all four, this one reminded me the best of the world of the Sons of Destiny what with the mages and the truth stones. Can't say it was my favorite though. 3 out of 5 stars.

I will have faith in my God... I will have faith in His prophecy... I will be bored out of my wits...

Finding Destiny, 3 out of 5 stars overall.

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