Vonna Harper
Published January 25 by Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 9781609283360

To tame a wild thing, first you must gain her trust...

Mia's retreat on Cougar Mountain was supposed to be a quiet time of communing with nature. Instead, she can't shake the sense she's being watched. The reason why appears before her, chilling her to the bone. His name is Stark. And he says he's been waiting for her.

She takes to her heels, but it does no good. Captured and bound, she is surprised to feel no fear. Instead, she is mesmerized as her soul drinks deeply of his dark, commanding sexuality.

Stark once fought the Cougar Spirits, but now he embraces their mission to protect the forest and its creatures. Mia is his destined mate, perfectly made to fight by his side. But first he must tame her, starting with a slow and relentless seduction of her body-while he reveals each painful bit of his past.

Mia finds herself sinking into his touches, seeing the world as he sees it. But as shots ring out in the forest, she sees something else. A vision that Stark may never understand...and could not only destroy the bare beginnings of their destined love, but their mission to save the wilderness.

This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

Warning: Sharp teeth and powerful male muscles, a watching, waiting cougar, enough heat to catch the woods on fire.

This book rubbed me the wrong way, and left me bummed.

“These”—nails as light as butterfly wings stroked her newly freed breasts—“belong to me now. What you feel is because I’ve decided you deserve it, but if you do something to displease me, I’ll take away your pleasure. For now.”

How could she do anything? Confused, she willed herself to remain still and compliant.

“At times you’ll hate me for what I’m doing, but I have no choice. Neither of us does.” That said, he unfastened her jeans and tugged down the zipper.

Stark had some the worst opening lines. Well, they're pretty good for a serial rapist/murderer but his entire tone and demeanor was just plain freaky. It was like he was seducing her into some kind of cult. And then he starts spewing crap about answering to a cougar spirit AFTER assaulting, restraining, and going as far as to gag Mia. Cr-A-zy! The guy's lonely and that's about the only good reason you'll get for why he's doing what he's doing.

I actually finished this one a couple days ago and didn't want to review it. Mostly because I didn't even want to even think about it. But it's completely taken away my appetite to read so I figured I'll throw something down if only to get it out of my system. So there. Predator gets 1 star. And that's only because it was ultimately a story about a shifter claiming a mate.


Redd said...

>>Stark had some the worst opening lines. Well, they're pretty good for a serial rapist/murderer but his entire tone and demeanor was just plain freaky.<<

*falls over laughing* Yeah, some people can't handle being alone for so long and then reintergrating themselves with society. *snickers*

This was actually hilarious for me...did you do a long rant with a temptation to throw the book against the wall? *grins*

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

I love it when you quote me. Points out the errors. =)

No rant. It honestly depressed me beyond even that. I like shifters. I like serial killers. Combining the two IN A ROMANTIC SETTING is a *huge* NO.

Redd said...

*rolls eyes* You *like* serial killers? you have got to be kidding me..what am I going to do with you? :)