Fortune's Deception: Fortunes #1

Fortune's Deception
Karen Erickson
Fortunes, book one
Published 2008 by Samhain Publishing

Winning the lottery changes her life forever…in more ways than one.

One minute Brittney Jones is living paycheck to paycheck, and the next she and three friends win a record-breaking lottery jackpot. Sure, she’s spent some money on herself—after her rough childhood, she figures she deserves a few indulgences, big and small.

To financial adviser Charlie Manning, his client Brittney is a shallow beauty out to spend all of her money. He thinks she should rein it in. She thinks he should loosen up, and resolves to help him do just that—in a very naughty way.

The passion between them burns hot and fast, and Charlie comes to realize Brittney’s heart is as big as her newly fattened bank account. She’s not only smart, but beautiful and sexy. And he can’t resist her.

Still, Charlie is aware that Brittney’s keeping secrets from him. If only she would trust him enough to tell the truth!

Charles Manning, a financial adviser, is hired by lottery winners Madeline, Lauren, and Brittney. Madeline is the responsible one. Lauren, the over cautious investor. Brittney, on the other hand, has recently become quite the shopaholic. It is of her that Charles has become worrisome. When he does finally manage to get her to take a meeting with him, Charles finds a woman full of heart, surprises, and secrets.

The first impression Brittney gave me was not anything I normally cheer for in my protagonists, due ever so much to my ever climbing, prudish standards. The only way she can relate to men is through sex. Plus, she's the leave-them-before-they-leave-me type and therefore has never had a relationship. Once she catches sight of Charles' smile, she's on a one track course to seduce the man.

So with Brittney on my 'eh' list, it fell to Charles to bring out the enjoyment for me. And being just close to everything I do support in a leading man, he definitely filled the void. Brittney brings out the animal in him as he finds himself having sex with her anywhere and everywhere he can. But when he finally comes to his senses and admits he's the commitment type, he stands strong-withholding sex in exchange for real, romantic dates.

There are a few laughs to be found throughout the story, hidden amidst the hotness, especially when he has to carry her from the front door of her five thousand square foot home to her bedroom, pausing just long enough at the finish line to declare: "Your house is fucking ridiculous."

3 out of 5 stars.


Redd said...

*snickers* kinda funny..you called her 'eh..

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Maybe I should have said 'bleh'?