Intimate Knowledge

Intimate Knowledge
Julie Miller
Mass Market Paperback, 250 pages
Published July 1st 2002 by Harlequin
ISBN: 9780373790494

Grace Lockhart: Behind-the-scenes FBI agent. Shy, naive...and a sex kitten waiting to happen.

Logan Pierce: FBI field agent and the best of the best. Confident, cocky...and incapable of saying no to a beautiful woman.

The case:

Agent Grace Lockhart has spent months developing a computer program that will put the city's biggest crime lord behind bars. And now that it's ready, all the FBI needs is somebody to smuggle it in to Harrison Mitchell's estate. Only, because Mitchell is notorious for surrounding himself with a harem of beauties, that somebody has to be a woman....

Grace Lockhart wants to be that woman, but she's anything but a femme fatale. But not for long. Because she's heard that her new partner, sexy superagent Logan Pierce, is an expert at "hands-on" training.

I'm not always certain how to relate to a female character who wants me to feel sorry for her and her DD cup size. But pair that with a ridiculous amount of naivete, innocence, and enough determination to justifiably be called a fool and I folded quickly to one Grace Lockhart.

Completing the duo is Logan, a self confident FBI agent laden with guilt and known to work alone. Truthfully, he couldn't have been better for me unless it was Agent Fox Mulder himself hunting down the truth behind the X-Files. Everything about Logan got a reaction, especially his honesty. He's also very self aware. He knows what he likes in a woman which it makes it all too easy to play teacher to the sexually ignorant Grace.

Now, had this been anything but a fictional creation there's no way in hell she and Logan would have succeeded in this mission. The task was laughable and their success, much due to a self-involved sexual deviant's error was too farfetched even for me. The smut, though, is worth nibbling on and the romance is actually quite believable. All in all, this was most definitely a good read. 4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you, Redd from The Wyld Hollow, for passing along this book to little ol' me.

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