Release Me

Release Me
Karen Erickson
Kindle Edition
Published March 20th 2008 by Cobblestone Press, LLC

Sick and tired of relying on inept men, Sommer Daniels is taking control of her orgasms. She bought a vibrator, but she'd like to find a sexy man who can show her the ropes – properly. Unfortunately, her computer freezes up at work before a huge deadline. Fortunately, the IT guy who comes to fix it is more than willing to help her find a few of those orgasms she's been looking for, on her desk in her office! They can't seem to stay away from each other, but Ted Maxwell is keeping a secret. Will it ruin their blossoming relationship?

I don't think I will ever tire of a good office fantasy. What I do tire of is that constant echoing of "This isn't me." or "I normally don't do things like this." But for all of it's repetition, I was actually pleased by the last line.

Sommer and Ted click within moments of meeting one another at a point in Summer's life when she needs it most. On the same hand, Ted has given up on dating. What good-hearted millionaire doesn't? Impulsive at it's beginning, their fling spans a few days before the truth inevitably comes out and then it's one of those things where apparently lying isn't such a big deal anymore. He was doing great with the omission loophole until the part where he flat out declared an untruth. Good grief, is it so hard to be a good man? 3 out of 5 stars.

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