Reunion: Warriors for the Light #4

❝ I know he will love me because I do chase blue butterflies! ❞

Lindsay McKenna
Warriors for the Light, book four
Mass Market Paperback, 288 pages
Published April 1st 2010 by Silhouette
ISBN 9780373618323

He claims it was a brutal test of his Jaguar powers that divided their fates for centuries. All Aella knows is that a familiar joy courses through her body when she arrives on an archaeological assignment at the Great Serpent Mound. Who is this godlike stranger who comes to her in her dreams? She should be terrified. Instead, Fox's protective presence awakens in Aella memories of torrid love making and a yearning she can't deny. If she believes her visions, Aella is Fox's lost Incan bride; and he is her soul flame. But Fox is competing with a Dark Lord who is determined to keep them apart, hovering on the brink of temptation, eternally separated from the Light.

Atok "Fox" fell in love with Chaska the moment he first saw her. He was ten years old at the time and training to become a warrior. Chaska was eight and the spirited child in a noble family. When he became of age, and has accomplished the tasks set for him, Fox was given Chaska to wed and for three years they shared a loving, happy marriage. Then, upon the delivery of their first child, Chaska died. And their son never took his first breath. All that Fox had cherished the most was suddenly gone.

For years he continued with his training, praying and yearning for the time when he would die only to be reincarnated and hopefully, he would find Chaska again. Finally the moment comes but Chaska's soul has already crossed the dimensions and the chances of reunion are too slim. He is convinced once more to continue his training and eventually becomes a guardian to a sacred site. It is there they find one another at last.

As we're introduced to the reincarnated Chaska, now called Aella, we find her interested in her assigned partner, Robert, who is equally attracted to her. So... Am I the only one who finds these things irritating in romance books? My aggravation was multiplied by the knowledge of Fox's pining and heartache all these years. Granted, Aella has no memory of her time with Fox and therefore has no reason to be 'faithful' but that kind of thing just rubs the skin, ya know?

Aside from that, I really loved the heart of this story. You get two souls destined to be together who upon discovering one another, even at such a young age, manage to experience that 'he's the one'/'she's the one' moment. Sadly, though, you don't get much else. Despite the glimpses into the lifetime Fox and Chaska shared, the main story is rather focused. There's one very strict-very narrow-path that doesn't give up much room for surprise or even a lot of action. It's all very simple and perhaps, as a whole, rather dull. 3 out of 5 stars.

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