Catching Caroline

Catching Caroline
Sylvia Day
Published by Sylvia Day (first published 2005)
ISBN 9780982857106
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Jack Shaw's reputation as a wicked libertine is well deserved. He lives for the moment, indulging in temporary pleasures. Until Lady Caroline Seton sets her eyes on him and the heat of her gaze lures him in. Now he wants more than one stolen kiss, he wants forever. But Caroline hides a dangerous secret, one that could cost him his life. Will his love be enough to save them both...?

This story is about a man (Jack) who is chasing after a woman who, if she would stand still long enough to have a decent conversation, would discover there's no reason at all to be running away from Jack's advances.

But she does. Because she's a vampire. And because she's promised to her Sire's son.

This an earlier work of author, Sylvia Day, as explained in a short letter to the reader, and is written extremely well which is a very good thing, because there's not much substance to this short read. It's one woman, running, and one man, chasing. Oh yes, you're gonna wanna smack a vamp. =) 3 out of 5 stars.


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Me no slappy vamps because I would go no where near them. XD

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