Come & Get Me

Come & Get Me
Reese Gabriel
Published March 30th 2005 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419901690

Ten years ago, college freshman Eleesha Greene played a sorority game called "Come and Get Me". She was chosen for a night of seduction at the hands of Ross Maclean, the gorgeous quarterback of the college football team. The sex was supposed to be no strings attached, but that night young Eleesha gave more than her body. She gave her heart to the handsome athlete.

Ross, his eyes set on the NFL, was not ready for a relationship. He left her the next morning and never looked back. The heartbreak of their parting left Eleesha with nothing but bitter memories of their time together.

A decade later she is a vice president of a large communications company that is about to be restructured. A hired consultant is called in to recommend staff cuts. When he turns out to be none other than Ross Maclean, Eleesha goes into a tailspin. A sexual sparring match ensues, fueled by increasing passion.

Ross made the biggest mistake of his life ten years ago. To fix it, he is going to play "Come and Get Me" again. And this time he has no intention of letting Eleesha go.

So... I honestly don't know if I chose to read this book. I say that because this particular title has two different blurbs posted on Goodreads and I'm not entirely certain which one I read that determined its placement on my TBR.

This story is one of those where everything begins and ends with sex. Where it all finds meaning, explanation, and purpose through the act of two bodies molding together and where everything one feels, thinks, or believes is birthed and determined by carnal pleasures.

Years ago, as a freshman in college, Eleesha had a huge crush on the star quarterback, Ross. And girls being the mean spirited bitches that they are, her intended sorority sisters used it as a weapon against her, plotting a game that would end in her shame. Eleesha spent one night in the arms of her dream lover, losing her heart to a man who wasn't prepared for the emotions she would stir in him.

Now, a decade later, Eleesha is yet again playing the part of a fool. She gives it up for Ross with little effort on his part. In dreams and out. She's certainly a character who's trapped in the past and has yet to mature past her deluded adolescence. Reminiscent of Kaylin Neya actually. Although an NC-17 version. She plays games that are quick to get old and honestly, I just wanted to kick her while wearing cleats. 1 out of 5 stars.

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Redd said...

I totally love this review. Had me cracking up.. 'kick her while wearing cleats.' Love it! I've had that feelin' a time or two reading. *grins*