Conner's Wolf: Supernatural Bonds #6

Conner's Wolf
Jory Strong
Supernatural Bonds, book six
Published May 13th 2011 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419934636

Homicide detective Conner Stern doesn’t know what Khemirra Reis is running from, only that he’s damn determined to find out. Right after he lays her bare beneath him and works the beautiful obsession out of his system.

Sexual satisfaction first, revealing her secrets second—that’s the plan—except Khemirra is battling a fascination of her own. Her rational mind says stay far, far away from the gorgeous cop who doesn’t want anything to do with the supernatural. But after Conner catches up to her and shows her with heated kisses and carnal demands just how perfect they can be together, the wolf part of her nature is convinced he’s the right mate.

Conner wants her trust. She needs his help. But Khemirra doesn’t know which of her secrets Conner will hate more—that she killed a man, or that she’s a werewolf. Unless love overrides all else, they’ll lose any chance of a future together.

We find Conner right where we left him five books ago, soon after he met the reporter Khemirra. He's gone AWOL from the rest of the series in an attempt to chase down the elusive female that loped off into the woods after their first and only meeting.

Khemirra is on the run from a psychotic book writer who not only believes she's a werewolf but intends to mate her with a natural wolf. On top of that, she's killed a man, so accepting Homocide Detective Conner Stern's help has more weight to it than just the issue of his contempt against all things supernatural.

But when it comes to Conner's highminded bias it turns out to be a matter of love conquering all as he finds himself willing to accept Khemirra's wolf self and she, in turn, finally gives in to her wolf's urgings to take a mate. Therefore, gaining herself a pack.

The rest of the cast is forgotten up until the epilogue where it's confirmed, having skipped book four and five, that Dylan has yet to claim Seraphine and Miguel will soon find his own mate. If it's the weird chick that hung out with the book writer then I'm officially stunned. 3 out of 5 stars.


Redd said...

huh, sounds like an odd book to me. *thoughtful*

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

It had it's moments.