Courage of the Wolf

❝  "It doesn't matter, Brie. Because deep inside, I'm still a wolf pining for his mate.
And this wolf doesn't mate for life. He mates for an eternity." ❞

Courage of the Wolf
Bonnie Vanak
Published December 1st 2010 by Harlequin
ISBN 9781426870231

Werewolf Sabrina Kelly longs to put her family's brutal slaying by a demon behind her. Finding her destined mate might bring her solace...though in her heart, she knows she only wants her long-time friend Michael Anderson. Instinct tells Sabrina he desires her as strongly as she craves him, yet still he pushes her away...

As an immortal Justice Guardian, Michael has vowed to protect Sabrina...and deny his hunger for her. It's his duty to make Sabrina find the courage to challenge the demon once and for all—though it may cost him the only woman he could ever love.

Michael was once a Draicon werewolf, now born again as a Justice Guardian, and as much as he'd like to give this second life to spare Sabrina the battle that awaits her destiny, such is impossible. But what's worse than being unable to protect the one he loves from the evil that will hunt his mate, is having to be the one to release that evil upon her.

Sabrina has blocked the memory of most of what happened the night Ambrosis killed her family, even the Challenge she dealt out to the demon. Now, a year later, she must face him again.

The whole story is built around Sabrina and Michael re-realizing things that we as readers know nothing about so there's a lot of moments where you just have to say "O-kayyyy" and go with it. Lots of rule bending and breakage and some time manipulation. When it seems like it should be passing quickly, it's slow, and when it should be going slow, well, yeah... we're jumping hours, even years.

The surface skimming done with these two is enough to make them likeable. Even the tease we get with Tristan made me want him to stick around a wee bit longer. In the end, though, I'd rather feel a story evolving than simply having such things explained to me. Definitely didn't get the chance to bond with anyone. I would have liked to though. 3 out of 5 stars.

Special thanks to Redd from The Wyld Hollow.


Redd said...

*grins* I like some rule bending and breakage..

Sorry you didn't get to bond. XD Special welcomes. You got these two done pretty quickly. :)

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Had to. I gave up reading on weekends this year.