Every Last Fantasy

Every Last Fantasy
Shiloh Walker
ISBN 9781419900938
Published December 15th 2004 by Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.

Vikky is discontented. She is tired of her vanilla life and the bumbling lovers who inhabit it. She wants—needs—a strong man to take charge and lead the way to her wild side.

She has dreams… She dreams of a man who makes all the other men in her life pale in comparison, a man who knows exactly what she wants, and he wants nothing more than to give it to her.

But such a guy, to her knowledge, doesn't exist in reality. So what else can a woman do at Christmastime to help that dream along? She can ask Santa for one. And my, oh my, does Santa listen...

When Erik agreed to help out an old friend by wearing a goofy costume and playing Santa for a weekend at a local mall, he had no idea that a sleek, sexy woman from his past would show up and whisper her dark, sexy daydreams into his ear. But he wasted no time in making her fantasies come true.

But something odd is going on. There is a connection between them that neither could have prepared for. A compulsion that drives them to risk all for the other's touch. Memories of a life lived in another era. Heartbreak and yearning for an enduring love that was destroyed by bitter hatred.

To overcome the anguish of their dark past, these lovers must relive the pain and horror of the events that shattered their lives so long ago. They must discover the reason for the otherworldly connection that enthralls them. Only then can they find happiness in this life.

Together, as they were always meant to be.

Even though the blurb is ridiculously long, so much so that I was tempted to it cut off and force into a link back to Goodreads, I just couldn't. This is a lot more than a lighthearted tale about a Christmas list and a woman looking for an alpha in the bedroom-reincarnation is at play.

When Vikky inherits a collection of treasures from her deceased aunt, she finds a mirror that triggers memories of a former life, simultaneously awakening the same in Erik.

When their current lives collide as Erik plays Santa at the local mall, they're given another chance to be together. But first, Erik embarks on a very daring, rather explosive, quest of seduction in which Vikky gets to experience her long kept secret fantasies. There's a heaviness found in this story that normally isn't woven into these light Christmastime smut stories, definitely marking it as a Shiloh Walker work of art. Definitely wished it had been longer though. 3 out of 5 stars.

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