Everything to Lose

Everything to Lose
Katie Reus
Published January 23rd 2008 by Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN 9781419920783

Sean Sullivan refuses to let his wife go without a fight. He made a mistake a year ago by suggesting they get a divorce. He only wanted to scare her into staying in town, so he gave her an ultimatum. No one was more surprised than him when she walked out the door and never looked back. Now that she's on the same continent, he plans to convince her they're meant to be together, and he's not above using sex to get what he wants. When killers target them to die, he'll use any means necessary to keep her safe. Even if he has to kidnap her and tie her to his bed to do it.

Sean is a control freak. But in a good way. He's a dominating yet giving lover and a stifling protector. If he were a shifter there would be little to no complaints. Being a mortal man, however, married to an ambitious independent woman, there could be hell to pay.

Using sex as a prime means to convince your partner that you're meant to be together may work for the animals or animalistic, but for two very ordinary human beings, the strategy never does much for me as a reader. Sean and his wife's problems aren't insurmountable but even with that they barely manage an HEA. They're right back where they were a year ago as Sean fails to actually make a transition to being the 'partner' she needs him to be. But somehow, it's enough for her that he knows he should. Go figure. 2 out of 5 stars.

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