Forever Bound

Forever Bound
Stacey Kennedy
Published April 22nd 2011 by Decadent Publishing
ISBN 2940011273988

Josie Harper had boyfriends, lovers, and even friends with benefits. None of them could satisfy her. Something had always been missing—something she was now desperate to find.

Gavin Scott longed for the perfect submissive. A woman worthy of the gift he could give to her as a Dom. Most failed to meet his expectations and he’d all but given up hope.

A high class match-maker in Las Vegas brings Josie and Gavin together. Tonight, Gavin will introduce Josie to the world of BDSM. As he skillfully guides her through the experience, Josie isn’t the only one captivated. Gavin is in awe of her control, someone this new to the lifestyle shouldn’t possess this great of a talent.

During their journey, Josie will find the missing piece of her soul and Gavin will meet the woman who was born to submit to him.

I *love* Stacey Kennedy's Blue Bloods series and especially The Watchers series so far, but book two of The Watchers, Whispers of Evil, is still on my shopping list. Until I can get my hands on a copy, I decided to try to appease myself with her first BDSM, Forever Bound.

There are some things I just don't respond to well in BDSM books, or in erotica in general, and damn it, this particular story not only focuses on just those very things but the entire story revolves around them, giving me absolutely nothing else to aid in the balance. So, it's for very personal reasons of taste that I give this one a 0 out of 5 stars- 1 star for the sake of Goodreads, but other than that I couldn't find a single thing that I could say deserved even that. =(

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