The Geek Next Door

Have you ever read a book that made you think These two are not going to last?

The Geek Next Door
Lauren Fraser
Published November 8th 2010 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 9781595787804

When the woman of your dreams only sees you as her geeky neighbor, sometimes you have to go to extremes.

Computer nerd Dylan Crane has been in love with Erin since she moved next door two years ago. Unfortunately, she’s never seen him as anything other than her best friend--until one afternoon when her world flips upside down and everything changes.

Erin Sharp learns firsthand just how sexy a man with a brain can be. She already loved Dylan, her friend, but as their relationship evolves, she wonders if she could finally have it all.

When her career ambitions get in the way of their relationship, Erin has to decide what matters most to her – getting the job she always wanted, or the man she needs and desires.

I absolutely love this cover!! Despite the fact that the guy's hair looks like a bleached chia pet.

Erin never gave Dylan a chance to be anything more than her sexless neighbor and good friend, until a makeover suddenly sent her libido over the edge with desire for the geeky male. Now, Dylan's long kept fantasy is becoming real and he'll give almost anything to keep her. He'll wear the uncomfortable clothes. He'll attend her dinners that are shark infested waters. He'll even stomach the boredom of her company picnic. Thankfully, though, the guy has his limits.

I always feel for the guys that pine for women that are just so self involved with their own lives and standards that they never get a real chance. Of course, why the hell they're attracted to these kinds of women is another headache altogether. There's a difference between wanting what one can't have and wanting what one should never want.

So Dylan gets the girl, but on her terms. Then he gets used by the girl. When he has the audacity to be mad and hurt by it, said girl moves on to use someone else to get back at him. It's only when the new guy calls her on it does Erin realize, yep, she's a total bitch. Maybe Dylan wasn't offended by Erin, but I sure as hell was. 2 out of 5 stars.

Special thanks to Redd from The Wyld Hollow. This was a highly anticipated read of mine.


Karen said...

Eeep! That sounds annoying. And that boy definitely doesn't look like a geek! lol

Redd said...

Special welcomes! :) Sorry it only garnered a 2 out of 5. *shrugs* Ya never know! :)

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

I would classify Dylan more as a nerd than a geek. There's a fine line and he crossed it.