Sophie's Dragon: Supernatural Bonds #3

Sophie's Dragon
Jory Strong
Supernatural Bonds, book three
ebook, 175 pages
Published April 2007 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419910012

Mystery and fantasy writer, collector of crystals and believer in magic, Sophie Alexander can't resist the lure of trying to find the legendary Chalice of Enos. She feels compelled to hunt for the Dragon's Cup even though the mysterious and dangerous Severn Damek is after it too. Little does she know she's on a collision course with a supernatural being straight from one of her novels.

Dragon prince, elusive billionaire, Severn Damek has a reputation for being ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. The fertility of his race is tied to the Chalice of Enos and he's determined to recover the priceless treasure. It's the ultimate prize, or so he thinks until he encounters Sophie. The moment he sees her, Severn is engulfed in the fiery flames of lust. She's his mate and he intends to possess both her and the Dragon's Cup.

All Severn Damek ever wanted was a human mate, fragile and submissive. What he gets is Sophie. Defiant, strong willed, and ready to put up a struggle against the dragon prince's insistent claiming of her as his possession. Meanwhile, neither combating his mother and the dragon female she's chosen as his mate or hunting for the Chalice of Enos is enough to drown out the choking lust building up between he and Sophie.

I'm going to say it- there was way too much sex in this book. So much so that I seriously was getting nauseous. Perhaps it was the repetition or the lack of progression in between but at one point, at a mere twenty-four percent completion, I was begging for someone to come in and rip these two apart. No more. Please, no freaking more!

2 out of 5 stars. And *that* is why I skip around in a book series. Conner's Wolf here I come!


Redd said...

LMAO! Then why are you reading erotic paranormals? *grins* Jory's considered one of the more popular ones *because* of all the sex. LOL!

I don't read her because she hasn't really written much that interest me. Iono how you got started on her.

Then you may want to wait a bit before starting His Purrfect Mate. =)

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

I'm all for lots of sex on top of lots of sex-when it's good! But when it's basically ten physical steps in between and mostly the same position over and over again, I get sick. And bored.

And I'm actually reading Dangerous Cravings right now. =) It's a BDSM.

Like I said, I don't mind good sex. And Evangeline Anderson knows good sex.

Redd said...

>< I'm torn on Evangeline Anderson. I may like one or two of her books, but that's it. I have more to add to this but me thinks I'll hold my tongue.. ('bout the bdsm part.) XD