Storm's Faeries: Supernatural Bonds #2

Storm's Faeries
Jory Strong
Supernatural Bonds, book two
ebook, 164 pages
Published June 30th 2006 by Elloras Cave Pub Inc
ISBN 9781419954245

The Fates do enjoy their little amusements.

Storm O'Malley thought she'd always be a beat cop. But when she helped catch a serial murderer, she became a detective and a member of the elite Homicide squad. Now she's got a murder to solve and a new reason to call on the gorgeous professor she met on the Dean case.

The first time Professor Tristan Lisalli met Storm, she was off limits because he couldn't afford to get mixed up in a high-profile case. No supernatural could. Much less a noble of the Sidhe court. But after that case was solved, he'd fully intended to challenge his cousin Pierce with the seduction of a woman-with the seduction of Storm. But now Storm is involved in another high-profile case. A murder again, but with a difference. Treasure.

No fey creature can resist the legendary Medici Chalice of Eros. But if what Tristan suspects is true, then the real treasure is Storm. He thinks she just might be his forever wife-and Pierce's as well.

In all honesty, I so didn't want to read this book. However, after reading the first in the series it was evident that I just might miss a whole bunch if I totally skipped over it. And I really didn't want to miss out on Sophie's intro to her love interest, Severn.

Storm, Sophie's cop cousin, has been promoted. She's officially part of the homicide squad now and, well, we're still at war with the media. Her first case comes with the murder of a Hugh Hefner wannabe and his stolen Chalice of Eros.

Trace still has a bias against the supernatural but he does have his moments of remorse for his tirades which are rather endearing. Much to my disappointment, Conner was MIA for this one, holed up at his parents' cabin on vacation and Dylan, in what may turn out to be a prophecy, declares he will be the last bachelor standing. Of course, then we're introduced to the witch Seraphine.

We also meet a new character, Marika, who now works as Aislinn's assistant in her magick shop and dragons emerge onto the scene. They look to be sticking around for a while, too.

One murder case gets us going and then the number duplicates and soon enough, demon summoning is at play. The humor is much better in this installment and I was surprised at how big a role Trace and Aislinn still played. Aislinn even manages to nearly get herself raped. Talk about woah. 3 out of 5 stars.

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