Trace's Psychic: Supernatural Bonds #1

Trace's Psychic
Jory Strong
Supernatural Bonds, book one
ebook, 131 pages
Published December 2004 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419900927

Homicide detective Trace Dilessio has always considered himself a regular meat and potatoes kind of guy—a red-blooded man who likes his women with big boobs, a nice ass, and legs that don't stop. Aislinn Windbourne is a whole different type than what he usually goes for. And even though he hates psychics—especially those that get tangled up in police business—Trace can't seem to fight his obsession for the delicate beauty who makes him feel both primitive and protective.

Years of being shunned in Elf-space because of her half-elf, half-human blood have made Aislinn cautious about opening her heart—until she meets Trace. He beguiles her from the start, and among Elves such a reaction usually means that a couple is destined to form a heartbond. But even as love chases away her loneliness, every time Trace rejects the magic that's part of who she is, Aislinn fears that this human world might be every bit as painful as the one she grew up in.

A group of men-homicide detectives, partners and friends-gather together at a bar where they're met by a group of woman. One of which if Aislinn, half-human/half-elven, who has been cast out from her elven family and is here tonight to be set up with either Connor or maybe Dylan, but it's Trace who lays down his claim the moment he sees her enter the room.

Known as the player of the group (one who needs to assign names to his condom boxes so he'll know who he's fucking at the time), Trace makes quick work of seducing the innocent Miss Aislinn. A dance, a roll on the sand, and then back to the table for drinks. Definitely an all-about-him kind of guy.

Book six of this series (Conner's Wolf) was just released this month and it sounded so good that I took a look at the others, and ended up tossing them all into my shopping cart. Surprise, surprise! I'm already warming up to Conner and looky here, Redd, I started at book one! XD

This sets up a great foundation for the rest of the series. Each character gets their time to shine amidst the passionate, blooming relationship between a take-all-own-all Trace and a very vulnerable Aislinn. Trace surfed the fence with me for a long time. His demands were some kind of hot in the bedroom, but the constant control he exuded everywhere else was a bit grating. All the while there's a murder case that's sucking everyone in in one way or another and lots of hate towards the supernatural is humming in the air as prejudices are tested and minds are forced to open to wider possibilities.

Another itch to the story was how Trace was going crazy just being away from Aislinn for an hour or two, but when she's in danger and he can't find her, there's an odd, quiet calm that overcomes him. Maybe he just went into cop mode but sitting around eating Chinese food was way too laid back for a man in love... or lust. 3 out of 5 stars.


Redd said...

You've been one busy lil beaver... Jory Strong is a potent favorite author among many erotic readers did you know that? Probably did.

But somehow I get turn off on reading about elves. lol. *shrugs* have no idea why.

Heh, started with the first one huh? ;)

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

She writes *alot* of sex, I give her that. I didn't get much of a reaction from it though. The constant repetition kinda kills the passion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the same sorta thing that's happening with LK Hamilton's books. Kinda makes you roll your eyes with here we go again kinda thing. XD