True Blue: Task Force Zeta 3

True Blue
Cat Johnson
Task Force Zeta, book three
Trade Paperback, 192 pages
Published March 28th 2007 by Linden Bay Romance
ISBN 9781602020214

Trilogy No. 107

In the long anticipated sequel to Red Hot & Blue, the true blue men of Task Force Zeta are back...and they're hotter than ever!

Bull: Bull didn't earn his nickname because he has a reputation for being stubborn; he's just a very big boy. But beneath that hard as granite and big as a mountain exterior beats the heart of a caring man. Can a pretty little thing barely five feet tall capture it?

Matt: Technical genius and communications specialist Matt Coleman is sick and tired of watching his friends 'get the girl' while the only thing he's had his hands on lately is a computer console. But perhaps Matt has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Could it be that what he's looking for has been right in front of him the entire time?

The Commander: The men in his unit refer to him as simply 'the commander'. Hank Miller may have fears, feelings, and desires, but as a leader he refuses to let them show. On more than one occasion Hank has been accused of possessing a heart of stone. When he meets the sexy and smart Lois Gordon, will the normally stoic Hank find himself tempted to break his one rule?

In October of 2010, I wrote a review for Jimmy by Cat Johnson. In it, I concluded by pleading for Matt's story. It wasn't until today that I took notice of a comment left by Terri in March that that very story has already been released as part of Task Force Zeta. In 2007! Currently scheduled to be re-released... whenever.

Thank you, Terri!

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