With This Fling...

With This Fling...
Kelly Hunter
256 pages
Published January 7th 2011 by Mills & Boon
ISBN 9780263883619

With this fling, I thee… what?

Mourning the death of her beloved godmother is a perfectly acceptable pastime for archaeologist Charlotte Greenstone. Mourning the demise of her fictional fiancé - created purely for her dying godmother's benefit - isn't. So what if he'd been a globetrotting botanist, humanitarian, philanthropist, lover extraordinaire, and altogether useful individual to have around? He didn't exist. Men like that never existed.

And then she met Greyson Tyler. Globetrotting botanist, workaholic, pedant, irritant, and altogether disconcerting man to have around. So what if Grey knew his way around a woman's body? The man wasn't even housebroken.

Or was he?

Creating a fake fiance (complete with name, career, and ridiculously in depth bio) for the sake of a dying godmother is a bit sad... and odd... thing to do. Having your friend contact his employer following his sudden and freakish death in an effort to locate a photo and ultimately receiving a box of his effects is just plain creeeepy. Having Thaddeus Jeremiah Gilbert Tyler-aka Gil-really exist? Woah!

Okay, so this fictional god of man is actually Greyson Tyler. After the heavy, passionless sex I've endured with my last couple of reads, I needed something light, humorous, and sensual. And up until the hammer drops and all humor gives way to a very serious subject, With this Fling certainly delivers.

I doubt very much that I could have found another book so far from fantasy exactly when I needed it. Grey and Charlotte are rational, ambitious, and sophisticated people who, even though they're on their own paths in life, manage to find one another and, as the story unfolds, manage further to bring those two paths together. The creativity of their invented lovers was the best part for me. The comparison of Gil and Grey, bounced off of Grey's lighthearted teasing, held just the right amount of warmth and affection I was looking for. And what's not to like about Greyson? The man wanted to do everything right, no matter what it would have cost him. 4 out of 5 stars.


Redd said...

Okay. First seeing that you were reading it, didn't really hook me. The cover & title, that is. After reading the review, I'm intrigued.

You said that it was a bit sad and odd thing to do. Granted. But when you're single for a lengthy period of time, single women do tend to play these little things when it comes to family.

Especially when there is family pressure for all sorts. Marriage, children.. yada, yada.. granted it is a wee sad but not really odd. It's the fodder that has fueled countless of chicklit books. *chuckles*

But the added extras of this book make it highly interesting. Have you read any chicklit? Just wondering?

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

By no means did I intend 'sad' to mean 'pathetic'.. just *sad* that she had to go to such lengths.

Actually, I don't understand why she didn't just grab a guy friend and parade him in front of her godmother. There's no reason the lie had to spread to work. I'm sure people would understand when she told them she invented the guy for her dying family member's sake.

And I'm standing by the use of 'odd'. Yes, there are movies and countless books based upon the same deception but it is in no way the norm for women to go around inventing lovers. Especially in such depth as Charlotte did.

Lastly, I'm not sure where the line stands with the label of 'ckicklit' but I'm going to say, no.