Mind Games: Guardian #2

Mind Games
Taylor Keating
Guardian, book two
Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages
Published May 24th 2011 by Tor Books
ISBN 9780765365484

River Weston thinks her problems are over. She managed to escape the virtual world of her video game—and the clutches of the Dark Lord who attempted to enslave her—with body and mind intact. But her return to the real world is anything but easy. Framed for monstrous crimes she didn’t commit, and hunted by members of a dark government agency, it is all she can do to stay one step ahead of her pursuers.

Guardian Chase Hawkins gained his freedom from the Dark Lord’s prison, but it came with a heavy price. Trapped in another man’s body, his soul slowly deteriorating, Hawk knows he must return to his world—and his body—before the damage is irreparable.

Racing against time, River and Hawk know that in order to have a future together, they must work to reveal the secrets hidden in River’s past.

Mind Games is the sequel to Game Over, my 366th read of 2010, and it picks up right where we left off. With River and Hawk's escape from the video game where a Dark Lord had taken over control, they now find themselves back in River's world and on the run from the authorities hunting River for murder. Hawk, meanwhile, has his own battles to fight. Stuck in Nick's body with a very much alive Nick (whose soul dwells in yet another body) fighting to take back what is his, Hawk must endure his dreams being hijacked and hallucinations during his conscious hours. Reliving River's relationship with the much hated Nick is wearing Hawk down and without sleep and his own body locked in stasis in his own world, Hawk's strength and sanity are fading fast.

River is still on task to free the trapped souls of her parents and by the end of the book she finds some sense of victory in that. And yet, time had run out and Hawk gets pulled back to his own body. Now, River is targeted by an entirely different enemy. One that now includes Hawk. Ooo, can't wait for book three! 3 out of 5 stars.

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Redd said...

Having video games a part of the plotline is a *huge* eyecatcher and draw...

eh..... the contemporaries floating about here without the mythical/techi stuff is drawing me more.. ;)