Immortal Heat

Immortal Heat
Lanette Curington
Published March 18th 2011 by Ellora's Cave

A goddess in peril…a god in exile…

Aglaia has been sent on a mission to right a love gone wrong. Hephaestus has exiled himself to the caverns, away from his ex-wife and the humiliation he suffered from her infidelity. Only the lusty body and untamed spirit of Aglaia can mend his broken heart.

How does a god, haunted by the infidelity of his wife, come to fall for a servant who committed adultery in his own home with the very same man to whom his own wife cheated on him with???

Hephaestus' true shame lies with his deformity. His evident lack of perfection has always set him apart in Olympus and numerous times, for various reasons, he's been cast from the palace of the gods. Finally, the exile took and he chose to stay away.

When Aglaia is sent on Aphrodite's bidding to set aright an arranged marriage between royal families, it is Aphrodite's ex-husband that comes to her rescue after she's cast from the cliffs and left battered and bruised by Poseidon's merciless sea.

As she heals with Hephaestus' care, the two fall in love and somehow, for some reason, Hephaestus is suddenly ready to yet again return to Olympus. Too many contradictions ate away at my enjoyment of this book. I know the gods are fickle beings but I appreciate things making actually sense in a story. 2 out of 5 stars.

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