Renegade Wolf: Devil's Promenade #2

Renegade Wolf
Aileen Fish
Devil's Promenade, book two
Kindle Edition
Published July 24th 2011 by Aileen Fish

When Stephanie shifts into wolf form for the first time on live TV, she flees to the one man who can protect her from were-hunters, Micah Salway. As attracted as she’d been to him four years ago when they’d met, she’d run scared at the changes he awakened in her after just one kiss. Was it possible he’d turned her into a werewolf?

Micah can hide Stephanie in the caves known as Devil’s Promenade, but the dangers there are worse than facing down the hunter. His choices are few when faced with keeping Stephanie alive: fight the hunter alone or kiss the asses of his former pack-mates and ask for help. His wolf had claimed her the night they met. There was no way he would lose her again.

Four years ago, Stephanie and Micah shared a kiss that awakened the dormant wolf inside of Stephanie. She ran away from it then, but now being hunted has forced her back to Micah to save her life. It's a task Micah isn't confident he can handle alone and calls upon some friends, the Guardians to the door to their world, for aid, and even those of the pack he'd abandoned.

This story is quick paced and makes for very light reading. The characters are likeable enough as they sort through and conquer the obstacles rather easily. I'm not sure however what was up with Jarrod, Michah's cousin and former pack's Alpha. What kind of wolf, let alone Alpha, responds to a packmate's plea for help with the solution of 'Get a gun'?

3 out of 5 stars.

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