Immortal Rider: Lords of Deliverance #2

Immortal Rider
Larissa Ione
Lords of Deliverance, book two
Mass Market Paperback, 414 pages
Published November 22nd 2011 by Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 9780446574471

The signs are everywhere...disastrous world events. Evil rising up, unleashed upon the innocent. The prophecies were there...but no one listened. Until now. The time has come for those who can either usher in Doomsday...or prevent it. They are here. They ride. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Arik Wagner, a soldier with the U.S. Army's paranormal unit, the R-XR, kissed a girl and liked it. And then he went to hell as punishment. Where he's spent weeks being tortured...and plotting revenge.

Limos, Horsewoman of the Apocalypse, isn't your average girl. She's immortal, dangerous, and her fiancé is Satan himself. In a moment of weakness, she gave in to her desire and kissed Arik, triggering her fiancé's wrath - and his claim on her. In order to save Arik, and the world, Limos must make a dangerous pact with her recently turned evil brother, Pestilence. A deal that might just cost her her soul...and her heart.

So... first impression here (as far as this particular book is concerned anyway) is that Arik has a very dirty mind. And a fetish for coconuts. Well not really, but I just love how Ione tells a story. Even things a reader finds in numerous other books seem to become something altogether original just by the ways she delivers it.

At an engagement party for and hosted by Ares and Cara, Arik breaks from the crowd for some fresh air. Limos, the third Horseman and destined 'Famine', has been driving his libido wild and the throng of demons isn't helping his control. When she challenges him to spar in an attempt to settle the agitation she senses in him, Arik goes in for a kiss. Then hell itself opens up to swallow Arik whole and he goes on to spend a month being tortured at the hands of Satan's minions.

Release from his prison doesn't come easy. Regaining a sense of reality afterwards is an even greater challenge. Especially since Pestilence (aka Reseph) went all vampire on him in an attempt to claim Arik's soul for a bargaining chip.

The side stories are a wonderful compliment to the book which is a nice change since most are either distracting or a downright nuisance. Regan steps further into the spotlight in this installment and the plot to break Thanatos's seal begins. Oh yeah, it's time to get Than laid and make him a daddy!

Meanwhile Reseph has been in Limos's ear and her scales are tipping (literally) toward the dark side with every lie she's forced, and secretly thrilled, to tell. This is a double whammy as lying seems to be the one thing Arik detests above all else thanks to an abusive, alcoholic father. Just another obstacle in the way of he and Limos getting together. That, and a very aggressive chastity belt. And let's not forget Satan.

(spoilers) Harvester and Reaver, the two watchers, evolve drastically in this book as Reaver becomes a victim of Harvester's cruel plans when she captures and mutilates him with the cutting off of his angel wings. The two do still have a chance in the future, if they don't kill each other first.

We meet Lilith, the Horsemen's mother, and witness a glimpse that Reseph is very much still present inside Pestilence. Limos is forced to reveal her sins against her brothers, earning herself some very scary wrath from Ares and Thanatos. And Lucifer, too, for altogether different reasons. She and Arik manage to break her betrothal contract to Satan just before Regan takes advantage of Thanatos and holy hell, that Guardian better keep running. The fourth Horseman is pissed.

4 out of 5 stars.

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