Katrina's Seduction

Katrina's Seduction
Tina Fine
ebook, 50 pages
Published October 23rd 2009 by Tina Fine
ISBN 2940000723333
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When Katrina Mitchell shows up on Johnny Mueller's doorstep in LA, she harbors far more secrets than Johnny could ever imagine. Johnny's new tenant has the same first name as a woman from his past, and a body that feels familiar, but he chalks the similarities up to coincidence. After all, she has a very different face than his Katrina. They can't be the same person-right?

Three years ago, Katrina survived a train crash that took her memory and left her face horribly disfigured. Numerous surgeries and uplifting mental therapy sessions later, she's got a new look and a drive to discover her past. With the aid of her therapist/one-time-lover, Blaine, Katrina hops a plane to LA in search of the man that stars in her erotic dreams. The same man who left her for another woman-his wife.

Although the blurb revolves around Katrina and Johnny, the story itself is more focused on she and Blaine, and the hot, dirty sex they share. After she reunites with Johnny, the plot gets somewhat abandoned as Kat realizes there are things more important than the past and all the questions she came in search of stay unanswered. And I wanted those answers! 4 out of 5 stars.

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