Touch Me

Touch Me
Meg Harris
ebook, 37,000 words
Published July 14th 2011 by Meg Harris
ISBN 2940012750594
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Seasons Change: Two college students make love--and fall in love--across the changing seasons.

Fantasia: She's his best friend, but he can't stop fantasizing about her. Does he have the nerve to turn fantasy into reality?

Pumpkin Pie: When Levi Roberts comes home to visit his childhood friend Kira Anderson, he's surprised to discover that pumpkin pie is the sexiest fragrance he's ever smelled.

Hands On: Lora catches her friend Mason engaging in a hands-on activity, and offers him a helping hand of her own.

Warnings: Explicit sex, self-pleasuring, blunt language.

In Seasons Change, a little summer fun brings two long time best friends together in their first taste of passion. Sex in the mud. Sex in a pile of leaves. Sex in the... snow. It's a sweet tale actually but it lacked a declaration of love and that was the one thing that really would have brought it home for me.

Fantasia is the story of a young cubicle worker who falls hard and fast for the new hire at his place of employment. They click from the start but Rae has a boyfriend, thus dooming Nash to the seemingly eternal role of just a friend. Years later, Rae and her beau call it quits but by now Nash is too afraid to act on his feelings and the subtle hints he may only be imagining Rae is giving him. I liked this one far more than the first. The fantasies are way hotter although the ending was just as anticlimactic.

Levi and Kira have been friends since the third grade. They were inseparable, even through high school. Now, in their late twenties, their time apart has grown more and more, till Levi realizes it's been two whole months since he's seen his best friend. They make plans to have dinner at her place, where her new pumpkin scent inspires Levi to take their relationship to the next level. Again, I liked this one much better than the last. There's a pattern though... no declarations of love whatsoever. Yet.

Lora met Mason when he was still hung up on his ex-wife. Even after all this time, she's convinced that he's still in love with her. So it totally shakes her world to find him one night masturbating to a photograph of herself. Despite having a boyfriend, Lora hasn't been able to keep herself from fantasizing about her best friend and faced with this little reality, she can't fight the need to finally experience what it would be like to be in Mason's arms. Just as hot as the last two, with a declaration of love to seal the deal. The best was totally saved for last.

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