Whispers of Evil: Watchers #2

Whispers of Evil
Stacey Kennedy
The Watchers, book two
Kindle Edition, 139 pages
Published February 11th 2011

Nayeli has been locked away, hidden from the world in a mental institution, all due to the whispers of evil which have corrupted her mind. Unbeknownst to her, the voices that have plagued her are a gift given to only one kind―Watchers.

Griffin, her Seeker, is about to break this cage of imprisonment woven around her and give her a new chance at life. But when a demon leaves the confines of Hell to create havoc in Louisiana, will his love for Nayeli free her wounded heart, or will she succumb to the whispers which threaten to steal her soul?

WARNING: Explicit sex between a timid Watcher and a gorgeous Seeker, and a ceremony that will certainly raise eyebrows!

I do enjoy the Watcher series... or, I did. Despite it's loveable, and sometimes gaggable, cheesiness I'm not quite convinced that these are the best people for the job. If the statement 'Blood is life' is enough to freak you out, demon slaying may not be the best career choice. Just sayin'

It was all the new girl's fault. Nayeli sucked the pleasure right out of this story. I can deal with women crying but when it's their go to response for nearly *everything* it's too much. It wasn't just her, even Daleyn and Paxton couldn't control themselves. And once Griffin started tearing up, it was really over. Oh sure, she has a defense: She'd been sheltered in a mental institution since she was ten, but her utter failure to comprehend the very words coming out of her own mouth combined with her deeply dependent personality made Nayeli way too difficult a character. Sadly, this was a step back for the series. 1 out of 5 stars.

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