Berrr's Vow (Zorn Warriors, #4)

Berrr's Vow
Laurann Dohner
Zorn Warriors, book four
ebook, 147 pages
Published October 22nd 2010 by Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN 9781419929205

Kidnapped from Earth and transported to planet Zorn to be sold as a sex slave, Shanna is one angry, frightened woman ready to fight anyone who tries to touch her. Raised in foster care, she’s not going to take any crap off some alien men no matter how big, terrifying or muscular they are. Before she can be sold, she’s freed by a huge, sexy Zorn warrior... a warrior with the most beautiful blue eyes she’s ever seen. Shanna demands he take her under his protection when she realizes she’s stuck on Zorn.

Hyvin Berrr, the leader of Zorn, thinks humans are helpless and weak. Shanna decides to teach the big hunk he’s wrong by knocking him on his backside. He might think she’s playing but she’s trying to teach him a lesson. She’s not sure if she wants to fight her feelings for the sexy alien, though if a woman has to lose a battle, this just might be the one time to concede.

  • I have honor. I am Hyvin Berrr.

I'm not big on alien romance, but I decided to kick off September with one from Evangeline Anderson who is all kinds of awesome with her writing. First, though, I had to break open Berrr's Vow which has been on my TBR for a little over a year. It first came to my attention through Redd who doesn't give out five stars very often. When she slapped them on this one's review I admit, I was intrigued.

And I get it. I can totally see how her kindle got honored with Berrr's name. Shanna, on the other hand... man, that chick can talk. Their arguments could go on forever. Her with her human logic and Berrr with his Zorn comprehension. Not that any sane woman wouldn't totally side with Shanna, but damn, take a breath with a double dose of chill pills, lady!

I hadn't read any other books from this series-or of Dohner-and despite being warned not to start here, I don't believe I missed out on much. Certainly nothing that left me lacking an understanding of the Zorn world. And I even got a peek at Ariel and Ral from book one, and even Rever who bound to Brenda in book three (no interest in that one). Funny how the average Goodreads ratings improve as the series goes on.

Based on this, Dohner's definitely a keeper. 4 out of 5 stars.

Redd's Goodreads Review
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