Demon Heart

Demon Heart
Sable Grey
Published January 18th 2012

Adrian Black got kicked out of hell and now he's looking for the key to get back in before his sister destroys any chance of his return. He locates the jewelry store that might provide him the key and thinks he might take a soul or two back with him for extra demon points. He doesn't expect Annie Sellers to hold on to her soul...or his heart.

No. No. And yeah, hell no!

There aren't many leading men in romance books that I hate. I could probably count them on one hand actually. But Adrian Black is definitely going on the list. He's one of those self pleasing bastards that gives shit to everyone. A man every stupid woman out there thinks she can change and no matter how completely horrible he is, she keeps taking him back. There is absolutely no redeeming qualities in this guy. Even for a demon!

So, yes, I'm reading into this and totally creating a mountain out of that infamous mole hill. Oh well. I've got a nerve and this one sure as hell hit it. 2 out of 5 stars.

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