Wicked Werewolf Night: Werewolf Society #1

Wicked Werewolf Night
Lisa Renee Jones
Werewolf Society, book one
ebook, 52 pages
Published December 13th 2011 by Indie
ISBN 9781465994868
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A witch after his secrets. A werewolf after her pleasure.

Nico Moore is the leader of of The Werewolf Society's elite Royal Guard. Aylia Richardson is the witch who calls to the beast in Nico, but destiny has also made her the keeper of a gift that threatens the very existence of his race. To destroy this gift will destroy this woman...the only one he has ever dared to call 'mate'.

I was on the third page of this read before I had to stop and ask myself, WTF did I miss? It felt like I was smack in the middle of book two. But no, this is definitely book one and I was nowhere near the middle. So.. don't do like I did and skip the Note To Readers. Very helpful info there.

If you've read Jones's Vampire Warden series, you'll know where you are. If you haven't-like me-prepare for the confusion.

I collected a little list of not so nice things about this story. For one, the confusion of picking up from a scene from another book and instantly having a bunch of characters thrown at you. Secondly... I've read LRJ before and loved it. This, for some odd reason, didn't feel like the same author to me. Nico, I loved. All Alpha there.

  • He shoved open the door and she was already in motion; ready to end the silence between them. Nico followed on her heels, kicking the door shut. She started to whirl around to face him, when he crowded her and pressed her back against the door.  His fists pressed against the door, framing her face. “Don’t ever challenge me in front of the pack again. Someone could have easily ended up dead tonight. You know this. You know the rules.”

    “You stole my necklace,” Aylia blasted back. “Where are your rules, Nico?”

    “That stunt you pulled wasn’t the way to get it back. You know damn well how the pack operates. You know how easily someone ends up dead.” 

    “I’m not a wolf,” she said. “I’m a witch and I act like a witch and we both know that’s a bad word in your world. I don’t belong here and neither does my necklace.”

    His fingers slid around her neck, his mouth lowering above hers. “You belong with me,” he growled, slanting his mouth over hers, in a brutally possessive, deep kiss, a branding with his tongue. Aylia tried not to respond, but his tongue stroked hers, hot and hungry.

Eh, Aylia was... not so loveable. And the problem of her curse was way to easily solved.

Kole, I liked, despite the red leather thing he's got going on. Yes, I really liked Kole.

So... I'm moving on to book three which opens up six years before this one and I actually purchased first. Slow learner here.

2 out of 5 stars.

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