For Love of an Angel: Fallen Warriors #1

For Love of an Angel

Rosalie Lario
The Fallen Warriors, book one
Published May 8th 2011 by Rosalie Lario
ISBN 2940012464378
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In a world where angels rule over humans, twelve outcasts dare to defy expectation, warring with their angel brethren to prevent the extinction of humankind.

They are The Fallen.

Michael is one of twelve angels who have been outcast due to their determination to protect humankind. In order to preserve his immortality and strength, he must find a mate with angel blood. Eva Smyth has never believed the propaganda spouted by the Consortium—the elite system of guards put into place once angels took over reign of Earth—but she never expected to learn the angels plan to eradicate all of humankind, or that she herself is part angel. Joining Michael means living a life on the run, at war against the angels and hunted by the Consortium. Eva must decide whether to risk it all…for love of an angel.

So I find myself on an angel kick as the year ends. Hungry for some demons though, so hopefully I can grab up a good demonic tale once 2013 is here.

Eva lives in a time where the veil between the worlds has fallen and angels guard over mankind in a much more hands on, in your face manner than many believe they do in the here and now. They control people's very careers through personality exams and even impose a super strict curfew. What they haven't managed to control so far is their personal relationships, leaving Eva with an egotistical ass of an ex living right across the hall.

  • "I'm here, beloved, because you called to me."

Our dear angel is not so likeable when we first meet him. Has the I-know-all attitude that bastards seem to be bred with. No respect for personal space with this one either. Michael played a better alien than angel. (And don't go getting technical with me on that!) XD

Eva doesn't freak *too* much when she finds Michael standing in her living room in the middle of the night. That is, until she sees his wings. His black wings. Turns out, he's Fallen and he's got quite story to tell about that. But don't ask him any questions. You'll only get the "you're not ready to know" answer. Infuriating jerk.

Michael never won me over. He did pretty much everything wrong. The rest of the Fallen, not that we spent a whole lot of time with them, weren't so bad. Curiosity got me with Seth and Ethan had me intrigued with the 'my mate hates me' stuff. And being that Ethan's book is next, I'm planning on giving it a looksee. AFTER my next pick of course. EA, here we come.

2 out of 5 stars.

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