Reading Challenge 2012: FAIL

The goal for this year was a lost cause. I came to said conclusion fairly early since the first symptom of my pregnancy was the severe lack of desire to read. Blame it on an inability to focus or whatever but being the worst symptom by far-morning sickness included-I can't complain too much. So after my son was born in July and I was able to catch up on sleep two months later, I picked up my goal again in September where I began to aim for quality, not quantity. I picked up recommendations I may have previously skipped over and even dabbled in alien erotica and *attempted* urban fantasy. Is it my fault these books get labeled incorrectly?

No, I didn't go completely over the deep end. I stayed near the vicinity of my comfort zone. And despite my failure this year to complete a measly 76 reads (in honor of my sons due date and birth on July 6) I did come away with a few more favorites and new literary experiences.

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