What the Heart Haunts

"You make me feel." -Khost

What the Heart Haunts
Sadie Hart
Published January 2012

Nalla is an ex-Hound of the Wild Hunt. She’s spent the last four hundred years in exile…for falling in love. On a whim one night, she agrees to a blind date, but she doesn’t expect Khost. Another Hound, he’s the closest she’s come to finding the magic she’s lost. He’s also her chance at revenge against the god who banished her. All she needs to do is seduce his Hound.

After a hundred and fifty years of running with the Wild Hunt, Khost can’t remember what it’s like to feel. Until Nalla. With one kiss, Nalla leaves him shaken and now that he’s had her, he can’t let her go. Khost knows that falling for Nalla means he’ll be giving up the Hunt, but one can’t help what the heart haunts…and people are meant for love.

This is really quick, rather nice read. Nalla and Khost don't pretend to fall in love, but since all they've got is each other, they're certainly not ignoring the chance that it's going to happen.

Nalla knows that the worst that's going to happen to Khost is that he'll be unable to return to the Hunt. And it's awful that she was right. Not much of a punishment to be had here at all. And it's not like the gods don't help each other out, even if only to keep the other indebted. Either way, both Nalla and Khost needed to have something to fear. Therein lies my one and only complaint.

4 out of 5 stars.