Dahlia Rose
ebook, 50 pages
Published April 9th 2012 by Sugar And Spice Press

Hailey knew the consequences of her actions. Heaven would cry for what she was about to do, but her charge was to be kept safe at all cost. Her glory, her immortality, was no question. She was an angel, and the boy she protected was to be a leader of men, a peacemaker like no other. While heaven would protect him, hell wanted him dead. They sent their best, Pennemuel, a demon enforcer, and what he wanted more than anything was her. Hailey gave herself to him, willing to stop a war between heaven and hell, to protect the boy she now loved more than anything. She carried a secret, one that only few knew. In the taking of her body, Penn would become hers as well, tethered by love. He would be her strongest ally in the fight that was to come.

She looked like she was made of bronze, and her glow actually made his eyes hurt. Pennemuel thought he would be the toast of all his peers by taking an angel and could see himself climbing to the highest level in the demon realm. He didn't know by sleeping with her, love would be the punishment. When the fist affects of it punched his heart like a fist, he regretted his actions. He was not meant for love or redemption, yet when Hailey looked at him, he was lost and would do anything to protect her. With hell nipping at their heels, they fought side by side to protect the boy she loved. All the while, he tried to decipher his new feelings and actually try his hand at romance.

Together they were united in a common good, yet for the first time in his existence, he couldn't see his future. She kissed him, and in her arms he felt alive, almost whole. Could a demon in love find his place in the world, in the embrace of an angel, or would his sins damn them both?

After Rogue Rider, I went hunting. Because, seriously, who could get enough of Larissa Ione? And did I ever find! She has a new vampire book out, the first of a new series. She *also* co-wrote an entire series, ACRO, with Stephanie Tyler (author of the Shadow Force series, which I loved!) under the name Sydney Croft. They date back to 2007, and yes, I so snatched up book one: Riding the Storm.

But those will wait.

I also have Boone Brux's third book of the Bringer and The Bane series on hold. Right now, I need some more demons and angels.

To protect her charge, Hailey offers up her body to the demon, Pennemuel, in trade for his aid in keeping the boy safe. Penn has no trouble at all accepting her offer. He delights in the thought of not only screwing her of her innocence, but bringing about her fall from heaven. What he doesn't expect is losing his own soul in the process, and that of his heart. 

Now a traitor to Hell, Penn takes Hailey and Sam on the run. Allthewhile, Hailey shuts him off. Won't look at him. Except to scowl. Won't touch him. Unless absolutely necessary. Her only care is for the boy she believes has the power to change the world. And Penn can't bear to leave her. 

This definitely satisfied my craving. A tad over the top but pleasant nonetheless and easily comes together with a happily ever after ending. 3 out of 5 stars. 

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