Free Four: A Divergent Story

Free Four
Veronica Roth
Divergent, book 1.5
ebook, 13 pages
Published April 23rd 2012 by Katherine Tegen Books
original title: Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story
ISBN 9780062237422

#1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth retells a pivotal Divergent scene (chapter 13) from Tobias's point of view. This thirteen-page scene reveals unknown facts and fascinating details about Four's character, his past, his own initiation, and his thoughts about new Dauntless initiate Tris Prior.

There's a scene in Divergent where Four slams Tris with something along the lines of "I'm getting tired of waiting for you to catch on". A definite "Don't You Get It?" moment. Which she doesn't. And he doesn't go on to explain.

This is that scene, told through Four's point of view, and told remarkably well at that. It's only thirteen pages, and *should* be one of those free reads authors tend to have on their websites or as a bonus at the end of book one. You have to pay for this one though. A whopping 99¢.

More authors should re-tell scenes through another point of view!

4 out of 5 stars.

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