Photo Opportunity

"You're an idiot-and a hypocrite."

Photo Opportunity
Jess Dee
ebook, 232 pages
Published May 2nd 2008 by Samhain Publishing
ISBN 9781599989303

Can friends become lovers...can lovers remain friends?

Daniel Tanner's through with being loved like the proverbial brother. He intends to make his best friend, Amy Morgan, blaze with the same desire he feels for her. The plan? Initiate a series of escapades that will have Amy falling into his arms--and into his bed.

When her trusted buddy suddenly turns up the heat, Amy finds it impossible to resist his sexy advances. But as his best friend, she knows a thing or two about Daniel. While he may be charming and gorgeous, he's also commitment phobic.

If she trusts her heart to him, she's sure he'll leave it--and their friendship--shattered in a million pieces.

At age fourteen, Daniel knew he wanted to be in Amy Morgan's life forever. He also knew he was in no position to declare everlasting love to his newly found friend, so he settled with just being that, a friend. And for seventeen years, that was enough.

After aiding in a fundraiser for the children's ward at a hospital, Daniel realizes his life is far from where he wants it to be, and he's done with the love 'em and leave 'em part of his life. There's only one woman he ever wanted, and it's long past time to make her his. And so, through an elaborate scheme, he sets out to make his best friend fall in love with him. He just needs her to see him in a different light. He needs to get past that first kiss.

To Amy, Daniel is the one constant in her life. Her father abandoned her after cheating multiple times on her mother, and Simon, her lover of two years, left after she caught him with another woman in their bed. Well, "left" after she kicked his sorry ass out, that is. She's long lusted for her best friend's body, but she swore to never chance their friendship with a fling. Besides, Daniel never stays with his women. But he's always stayed with her.

When Daniel needs to convince a married admirer that he's not interested, Amy knows they're heading into dangerous territory, but with one kiss, she loses her mind to the heat that ignites between them. While she tries to fight it, to get back over the line between friends and lovers, she eventually succumbs and once they've slept together she convinces herself that it's only a matter of time before he'll leave and everything they once had would be gone forever.

So when Daniel gets a job offer that will reunite him with one of his former girlfriends, Amy decides it's time to end it. Hoping against hope there's still a chance to save their friendship. Baffled, crushed, and utterly pissed, Daniel leaves. And he doesn't try to win her back.

As friends-to-lovers stories go, this is a great one. Very similar to Turn It Up by Inez Kelley, which still holds the crown as my favorite f-t-l. When rating this one, I was stumped. While it falls short of AH-mazing, there wasn't anything I found I would have changed. Ok, maybe Daniel should still have sent the flower every day he was gone. Then, maybe not. The guy had done so much. He had every right to say 'fuck it' and leave Amy with her hypocritical, idiot self.

The smut is steamy and the chemistry between them, as both friends and lovers, is very well written. Plus, you can't help but love Daniel. You just can't.

4.9 out of 5 stars.

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