F814 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #2)

"Why, Einstein, I do believe you just insulted me. Way to go, dude." -Seth

Eve Langlais
Cyborgs: More Than Machines, book two
ebook, 163 pages
Published April 15th 2012 by Eve Langlais
ISBN 9781927459010

She thought herself a robot, defective and unique among her kind, until he taught her how to live again.

F814 exists to serve the humans until they decide to terminate her. An instinct for survival makes her fight, but when she achieves freedom, she discovers she cannot throw off the chains of habit. Everything changes when another flesh covered droid arrives, a cyborg he calls himself, who teaches her she is more than a machine.

Solus hates humanity, and even though he was born as a flawed human, he strives to eradicate all traces of it from his persona—until he meets F814. Meeting and touching her releases something in him. Has him yearning for things he doesn’t understand. Makes him long for…affection.

Before he can learn to love though, he must first tackle the task of reminding F814 that she is more than the sum of her mechanical parts. But of course, when dealing with an illogical thing like emotions, there is no sure plan for success.

"Makes him long for …affection." I like that. And I liked Solus. So after book one's introduction, I just had to dive right in to its sequel and be there for Solus' awakening.

F814 has finally broken free of her programming, and destroyed the humans that kept her captive. Now, alone inside the broken dome that once imprisoned her, her days are spent wandering, seeking nothing in particular. At times, she goes back into the mines and does what she's always done. At night, she suffers nightmares of the life she had before.

When Solus, Aramus, Einstein, and Seth land upon the abandoned site in search of much needed materials for themselves and fellow cyborgs, F814 is fully prepared to destroy them. Like everyone else who has dared to board her home. She knows nothing of cyborgs, having been convinced she's nothing but a defective android. She doesn't trust them and won't go with them. Despite their warnings that she's in danger, that more will come looking to shut her down, she won't comply and Solus is left with no other alternative than tossing her over his shoulder and hauling her into their ship.

Hatred is the one emotion Solus has allowed himself to feel since his escape from slavery. Hatred of all humankind. Such is fueled further the more he learns of F814, now called Fiona, and the many injustices she's suffered at the hands of man. He vows to protect her, and to teach her the wonders of being cyborg, which only opens him up to the wonders of his human side as well. A side he has long desired to expunge.

I fancied Solus in book one as he clung to the logical, more rational side of himself and had hopes it would drive him in his own installment. Unfortunately, Fiona throws his circuits for a loop rather immediately and the guy spirals quickly into the state of a besotted fool. The friendly, and violently intense, fighting continues among the cyborg brothers as Solus finds himself in the place Joe once stood, bashing in the heads of everyone who dares look, touch, or speak in any way towards Fiona that sparks his jealousy. Seth even dares to kiss her.

Aramus takes a whooping. Far better than the gunshot Chloe gave him previously. Meanwhile, Einstein stays just outside the stage light for the last time. His story his next. His female? Chloe's biological sister, Bonnie.

And onward I go.

3 out of 5 stars.

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