Hard As A Rock

Hard As A Rock
Mina Carter
Paranormal Protection Agency, book one
ebook, 24 pages
Published September 11th 2011 by Blue Hedgehog Press
ISBN 9781466162747

Iliona's had a rough day, so the last thing she wants is a whiny ex on her doorstep throwing accusations about which of her co-workers she's screwing. When he starts throwing punches and one of her hunky gargoyle co-workers rushes to her rescue, Iliona is more interested in what exactly he's been doing on the ledge outside her bedroom window...and whether he's interested in more than watching.

Cal and Iliona aren't lovers. They're not even friends. Their only bond is the Paranormal Protection Agency where they both work.

When Cal comes to the rescue after her ex starts to get violent, she invites him into her home only to learn that his sudden appearance isn't by chance of luck. He's assigned himself as her guardian and has spent many a night lurking in his gargoyle form outside of her bedroom window.

He's seen her naked. And he wants her body.

And Ilona suffers no hesitation whatsoever at giving it to him.

So it's a story of sex. Sex with a gargoyle. And not a thing more.

2 out of 5 stars.

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