Her Empath

Her Empath
Mina Carter
Zodiac Cyborgs, prequel
ebook, 65 pages
Published March 11th 2011 by Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
ISBN  9781419933110

Even a rogue can be brought to heel by love. And the seduction of a sexy Empath.

Lyssa is feared and wanted by half the admiralty, but no one can control her. She commands one of the most fearsome battleships in the fleet and is friends with the largest mercenary clans in the galaxy. No one dares mess with her. JJ has been tasked with controlling Lyssa and bringing her back under the authority of the Fleet. Instead of the crabby woman he’s expecting, he finds an unforgettable woman who makes him ache with the need to get her in his bed. Between the pressure from the powers that be, a mission gone wrong and Lyssa’s discovery of his real mission, JJ has his hands full. Can he convince Lyssa that his seduction is genuine and lust is only the beginning?

Mind boggling it is how one author can trigger such extreme emotion with one story (ie: Perfect Mate) and yet barely stir even the most basic of reactions with another. Such as here, with Her Empath. The action was great but the story in itself was completely backwards for my taste.

Lyssa commands one of the most notorious battleships in the fleet, but she's a force all her own. When her commanding officer orders an Empath to join her staff, with the unspoken aim to rein her in at all costs, she is none too happy and hell bent on making sure the guy keeps his powers out of the minds of her and her men.

As Lyssa storms back to her ship, her path collides with JJ who, unbeknownst to them both, is the new Empath she's been ordered to take on. The attraction is both instant and explosive on both sides and the two end up in bed together with the idea that they'll likely never see one another again.

When Lyssa finds him aboard her ship and realization of their dilemma dawns, she spends the next three weeks avoiding the man. All the while, JJ is determined to get her back into his bed. And eventually, his goal is to keep her in his life, forever.

3 out of 5 stars.

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