Prince's Courtesan (Imperial Princes #1)

Prince's Courtesan
Mina Carter
Imperial Princes, book one
Published February 4th 2011 by Etopia Press
ISBN 132940012282569

He wanted the one woman he couldn't have.

Outlawed noblewoman Jaida Lianl had been everything from a high speed courier on Arcalis Prime to a waitress in the cloud cafĂ©’s on Selenis. Different careers, different names, different identities. When a cover got this easy--so easy she started to believe it herself--she knew she’d been in the same place too long. It was time to move on before she got comfortable and started to make mistakes. Mistakes would allow Imperial Prince Sethan to find her, and if that happened, people would die…

Now after five years, Seth has found her, and she can no longer outrun her destiny: she'll be the prince's courtesan, but he'll never own her heart.

Jaida was once a noblewoman of the court, deeply in love with the Imperial Prince Sethan, until the night he took her to his bed and she awoke to find his manservant gifting her with a whore's silks instead of a betrothed's band. From that day, she's been on the run, fleeing the prince's ever constant will to keep her as his own.

It's a story of betrayal and misunderstandings with the mother of all overreactions fueling the drama. Hard to believe an outlaw has the right to marry a prince... and I'm not entirely certain what made Sethan a prince (blood? no, er, maybe)... but the man surely has one hell of a military training. By the end I thought I'd slipped into a contemporary, armed forces romance.

3 out of 5 stars.

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