The Fire Within (Nephilim #2)

The Fire Within
Dana Marie Bell
Nephilim, book two
ebook, 220 pages
Published June 30th 2014 by Carina Press
ISBN 9781306730181

She will set his world ablaze.

Detective Dante Zucco has been tasked with bringing a Shemyaza to justice. As a seris Nephilim, his inner fire comes in handy in battle, but not in love. He's been burned before, but maybe this time he'll find a blaze that matches his own.

One of the families of the human victims has hired Elizabeth Rand, PI, to investigate the murders. It's all Dante can do to keep his hands off the alluring, stubborn woman. A single glance from her gray eyes, and Dante goes up in flames.

Beth suspects Dante is one of the Nephilim, angelic warriors bound to hunt down the evil Shemyaza who haunt the night and feed off the innocent. If the murderer she's tracking is a Shem, then keeping a Nephilim close would be only logical. She agrees to work with the hunky detective, unaware of his growing feelings for her.

When Beth gets too close to finding out the truth behind the Shem kills, her life is put in danger, forcing Dante to protect her the only way he can: with fire.

Dante and Elizabeth's paths first crossed in book one and, since then, all they do is push each other's buttons. When a murdered woman and the scent of a Shem demon bring the two together to work one case, both manage to call a truce. Dante just wants to protect her. Beth just wants him to get off her back.

As the two settle into a comfortable partnership, Dante realizes rather quickly that he's crossing a dangerous line. He's falling for her. Elizabeth knows what he is, having found herself caught up in a Shem attack against Abby in the first book. She's the only human Dante has ever known to take down a demon, and live.

I love the romance of this series. The characters are mature enough to act cautiously but still allow matters of attraction and such to grow and develop naturally. They don't rush it. They don't hide from it. It is what it is and goes where it goes, and Bell unfolds it beautifully.

Piotr swept me away in the first book, and continued to hold me so comfortably in his palm throughout this. Shunned by many of the Nephilim, Piotr is the outsider of their group, having isolated himself for reasons only he, and Gabriel, are aware of. Andrea, his One, remains his most faithful defender even as he becomes a suspect in Dante and Beth's blackmail/murder case. I'm waiting oh so impatiently for his book. Although, Hell Hath No Fury, Damien and Sam's story, will be told first.

3 out of 5 stars.

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