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Anja's Star
Lyn Brittan
Outer Settlement Agency, book two
ebook, 72 pages
Published November 18th 2013 by Gryy Brown
ISBN 9780692251935

One does not lose a pirate’s spaceship.

One could have it ripped away by the captain’s idiot son, Retzi, who used it as collateral in a card game, but one does not lose it. At least, not Anja, but if the captain finds out, she’s the one who’ll be held responsible.

She has exactly two weeks to get that ship back before the authorities, the Captain or the galaxy at large, calls in their debts. If she can manage to keep Retzi focused on helping her steal it back, rather than getting her in bed, they just might have a shot at making it out of this mess.

This is a free read at, and if you like a whole lot of dialogue with cute banter in a sexy, scifi setting, then I definitely recommend you pick it up.

3 out of 5 stars.

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