Running from the Pack

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Running From The Pack
Mina Carter
ebook, 2nd edition, 57 pages
Published February 10th 2012 by Summerhouse Publishing
First published November 1st 2008
original title: Moon Madness
ISBN 9781936950676

It's never easy staying ahead of the pack, but for Penny, it might just save her life…

Since ditching her pack after an offer she “couldn't” refuse from her tyrannical pack alpha, Penny’s been on the run. Always on the move, she never stays in one place for long, avoiding other werewolves like the plague. As the full moon approaches, this one brings with it her toughest challenge yet—her heat phase. And so, rather than letting her animal instincts rule, to force her to bed the first man she comes across, Penny hatches a plan that involves a basement and chains, but sadly, the non-kinky kind.

But lone wolf Cade Steele has other ideas. He's watched Penny from afar since she was turned, and now that he's found her, he's determined not to let the little she-wolf face her heat on her own. Cade is wolf enough to match her animal instinct, and alpha enough to claim her. As his mate, her body may become part of his territory, but her heart would be an altogether different matter.

When Penny’s past finally catches up with her, her ex-alpha isn't taking no for an answer this time. The question is, with their lives on the line, can Penny and Cade answer the call of the wild?

A runaway werewolf, once turned against her will, Penny left her former pack when her psychotic alpha began pressuring her to be his mate. Now, on the verge of her first heat, Penny refuses to take a mate of any kind as she sets up a plan to lock herself up until the phase passes.

A rogue wolf, living on the outskirts of Penny's old pack, Cale knows how close her old alpha is to catching up to her. He also knows the fate that awaits Penny should she not take a mate during her heat cycle. A fate that leads to madness. Breaking her magic-spelled chains, he abandons her to find someone to satisfy her nature but finds himself the only male available for the task.

When it's over, Cale finds himself unwilling to let her go.

Cale takes a beating over being with Penny. And he takes it well, biding his time, waiting for right opportunity to end it all... until Penny's alpha threatens his newly conceived pups. Then, and only then, does the guy lose his control. A bit late if you ask me.

The ending, to put it bluntly, is a stretch. There's truly no foundation to suggest that Cale and Penny would want to stay together. ...Other than their animal instincts. But even that isn't isn't given much bearing.

3 out of 5 stars.

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