It's a Wolf Thing

It's yours now, y'know.

It's A Wolf Thing
Mina Carter; Chance Masters
ebook, 47 pages
Published May 8th 2013 by Blue Hedgehog Press
ISBN 139781301409082

Months after Armegeddon, the creatures of myth and legend have been forced out of hiding to join what remains of humanity to fight for their very survival against both Heaven and Hell. Dale Foxx, a born were-wolf, is one of the Rebellion's front line fighters. Strong, fast and absolutely lethal on the battlefield, there's very little Dale fears. In fact, she fears just two things. Her upcoming Mating Moon, and her attraction to her battle-partner Spencer Pena...

If Spencer wasn't fighting Hell's forces, he'd think he was in the fiery pit himself. He's lost his best friend already, and is forced to watch the woman he's loved for years risk her life day after day on the battlefield in a war no one can see ending. Then the match-making fae lend a helping hand, and a key-card leads him to the woman they've picked as his perfect match. The woman he's told himself is off limits.

In a world gone mad, can Dale and Spencer find the happiness they crave, or will the war take a fatal toll?

So Kaleb was... intense. So much so that I needed a quick, mindless, and most important of the three-emotionless, read to give me time to recover.

And that I found in this: a quirky, wtf, post-apocalyptic story about two wolf shifters who have been deemed a perfect match by Fae who leave a hotel key card as a sign of their decision.

Okay, it has a corny foundation but actually manages to save itself with uncommon facets as the story progresses. Having each received a key card that appears out of nowhere, both Dale and Spencer choose to meet the stranger the Fae has deemed their match with the same purpose of purging the other from their system. They've wanted one another long before the end of the world came. Have been ignoring their feelings ever since.

Once inside the hotel room, there's no shame in finally giving in to those long kept emotions. And once inside her body, with her confession of he being her first wolf in his ears, Spencer has the dawning realization that she is indeed his mate. In a half shift, he claims her. And the story doesn't end there.

Weeks later, as much as he's always hated watching her go into battle against demon and angels alike, he can't seem to take it anymore. She's not just the sister of the man whom he once considered his best friend, to whom he'd once sworn he'd watch over her- she's his mate. And he won't watch her die like he did Cain.

This story is short, but no less sweet. Spencer is probably one of the most emotional wolf shifters I've read. Not a good thing, mind you. What's worse it that he fails to protect both his mate and himself, welcoming death at her side before his superiors show up to save them both.

I've read Chance Masters, and many by Mina Carter. Together, in this, they did well. 3 out of 5 stars.

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