The Darkest Fire (Lords of the Underworld Prequel)

The Darkest Fire
Gena Showalter
Lords of the Underworld, prequel
ebook, 66 pages
Published 2008 by HQN Books
ISBN 9781426817540

He is the guardian of hell, more monster than man. She is the goddess of oppression, more angel than woman. Together they will enter the flames to battle a dangerous horde of demon lords -- and discover a passion unlike any other....

Don't miss this sizzling prequel to Gena Showalter's breathtaking new paranormal series, The Lords of the Underworld! Though they carry an eternal curse, the Lords of the Underworld are irresistibly seductive -- and unimaginably powerful..

How better to celebrate today's release of The Darkest Touch, book eleven of the Lords of the Underworld, than to start at the beginning. Because, until now, I've somehow managed to steer clear of the Gena Showalter bandwagon.

While this prequel doesn't necessarily set the stage for the world, the story of Kadence, the goddess of Oppression, and Geryon is one not to be missed if you're a fan of the series.

Geryon was once a typical, mortal man who chose to sell his soul in order to save the life of his sick wife. A wife that came to him in an arranged marriage and ultimately left him once she was cured. After, Geryon was transformed into a half man/half beast and was charged with guarding the gates of hell so that no demon could escape.

He's done so, faithfully, for centuries. Having lost care for himself long ago, Geryon is left confused by Kadence's kindness toward him but nonetheless agrees to aid her as she hunts the few demons that are so close to breaking through.

For Kadence is bonded to the wall in a way that means her death should it be destroyed. She feels every blow it takes. Every tear at its structure. As Geryon learns of her purchase of his soul, and therefore freeing him from his prison, he offers himself to take the place of the wall. To form with her a new bond.

This story takes a path that you will not expect. One that leads to an ending you will never have imagined on your own. I don't know what it was Ms Showalter's muse was smoking the day this story came to light, but it must have been something good.

3 out of 5 stars.

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