Hunter (Soul Warriors #1)

Kiss me like you own me.

Cynthia Lucas
Soul Warriors, book one
Kindle Edition, 299 pages
Published October 24th 2014 by CreateSpace
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Nyx Leron is a Hunter. A demon hunter. The thing is....demons aren't what fairy tales or religious texts say they are and reality is only a matter of which reality you happen to perceive.

After being sentenced to serving a term in Reality Level 3 on the prison planet known as Earth for a galactic 'crime' he didn't commit, the Hunter soon learns that the balance of power and the control of Sacred Knowledge that can free all souls from endless cycles on prison planets like Earth are in the hands of corruption.

After his targets escape, losing him his bounty and his debt payoff, he barely escapes with his life and unexpectedly lands in the apartment of librarian and sometime tarot card reader, Lyra Hall. With a coven of soul-sucking demons now on his tail and traces of his energy in her living space and on her person, the Hunter has no choice but to take the human woman with him as he makes his escape to another galaxy, dimension and reality level where he will try to figure out how to protect the billions of souls that are now in danger.

Lyra Hall is a librarian with a vision....literally. Since childhood she's been able to 'see' things in the dark that others couldn't; shadows that come to her when she's on the verge of sleep. Are they real? Or just an overactive imagination from reading too many books on the occult? Lyra's about to find out when she wakes up in the middle of the night to what she thought were two demons standing beside her bed, only to discover instead the most handsome blue eyed man she's ever seen, accompanied by a snow white wolf. When he tells her that in order to save her life he must take her with him on a journey across reality, dimensions and galaxies, she thinks he's a delusional psychotic who may be dangerous...that is until the demons that are hot on his tail begin to materialize in her apartment!

As she and the Hunter make their escape Lyra has no idea how deep the 'rabbit hole' goes , but she soon discovers she's about to embark on not only an adventure beyond any she could have imagined...but an awakening of who she really is and the real meaning of the word 'soul mate'.

Demons...they're not who you think they are, and sometimes possession by one is your only salvation.

I found this book in the Kindle Lending Library and assumed it to be a paranormal romance when in actuality, it so much more.

My husband is a seeker of knowledge. A ponderer of religious ideals. And a student to achieving higher consciousness. Now, I won't pretend to even understand a fraction of what is downloaded into his brain from his readings or the many theories he surrounds himself with via books or internet ramblings, but our two worlds of interest definitely found common ground in this book by Cynthia Lucas.

Hunter Nyx Leron exists in a world made up by a number of levels of reality, numerous lifetimes, and countless perceptions. Charged with hunting the demons of this place, dimension jumpers that they are, he is accompanied by his spirit animal and guide, Vega, whose link to him has elevated his level of consciousness far beyond what he has otherwise earned. Just as he's about to take down two such bounties, Nyx is summoned by the Chancellor himself who is none too pleased at the tip of balance Nyx was so close to bringing about. Words are exchanged. Tempers flare. Threats are issued. In the end, Nyx flees and suddenly he is one of the jumpers. The hunter has become the demon.

As he evades those seeking to take him in, Nyx appears in the bedroom of Lyra Hall, a woman who has experienced a number of paranormal happenings, leaving her a very open minded individual. One who awakens to find what appears to be Biblical demons in her bedroom. Not her first time, mind you.

Instinct implores Nyx to take Lyra with him as he makes another jump, in part to save her from those on his heel and also, because it just feels right. They end up on a primitive planet in a low level reality where cannibals thrive. With Nyx's bracer out of commission, the two are left to their own to survive. And as Nyx shares with her the truths of the multiverse, he becomes aware of her familiarity to his person. They've known each other in lifetimes past.

And although Lyra has no memory of him at first, it is she who makes the ultimate connection. She is the daughter of the Chancellor, a pawn in his game of power and control. And Nyx is her husband.

Married in secret, the two were torn from one another. She, her memory wiped, was returned to Earth and reduced back to the age of a young girl. Nyx, meanwhile, without his memory of her, was returned to his place as a Hunter, in another time and in another place.

God is you... me.. it is everyone, everywhere. It is a life force, and a collective conscience. Not a singular entity with some grand power. You've heard the expression 'love thy neighbor' ...well, that is because your neighbor is more than just someone to have compassion for. Your neighbor is actually a part of you, and when you damage them, you are damaging yourself to that degree in the larger scope of things. They are a part of the collective conscience that you are.

This book leaves you with a lot to think about in the philosophical sense. As far as the paranormal romance aspect... you'll have to wade through a lot of buildup and explanation until things manage to get interesting. Much to my disappointment, it never really took off. The most thrilling moment, as far as romance goes, was the few short paragraphs wherein they remembered their first meeting. Even their one and only sex scene fell a bit flat. The vows were a nice touch though.

Read it for the philosophy factor, not so much the lovey stuff.

3 out of 5 stars.

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