Books Are My Music

When it comes to music, I can leave it as easily as take it. Am I an enigma for this?

So many people "can't live without music". My husband listens to it all day at work and other members of my extended family are beyond enthralled by it.

Even Neena has an addiction to the stuff.

Not me.

Books are my music. And while there is some music that conjures indescribable levels of emotions, I get that same high from a good book. From the emotions bleeding from characters that aren't just fabled heroes on a page.

So why am I writing about this?

Because I find myself obsessed with The League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and even now, memories come seeping into my consciousness as I read other stories or go about my daily routine. Mostly of Syn, or as I like to refer to him by his true name-Sheridan. Because yeah, he's strong enough to carry such a feminine name.

Anyway, Kenyon went the extra mile and made a playlist for each of her books. Today, I accomplished something I had considered doing ever since discovering her website all those months ago... I googled each song she'd assigned to Syn's book and now own the complete Born of Fire playlist, to which I dearly labeled: Sheridan's Synful Mix, because, yes, I'm a child of the eighties. It includes:

  1. Winter Born: Cruxshadows
  2. Objects in the Rear view Mirror: Meatloaf
  3. Two Steps Behind: Def Leppard
  4. My Last Breath: Evanescence
  5. Sound of Madness: Shinedown
  6. Bad Attitude: Meatloaf
  7. Lips of an Angel: Hinder
  8. Carnival of Rust: Poets of the Fall
  9. Inject the Venom: AC/DC
  10. Careless Whisper: Seether
  11. Never Again: Nickelback
  12. Gone Forever: Three Days Grace
  13. Open Your Eyes: Lords of the New Church
  14. Salvation: Five Finger Death Punch

While I was familiar with many of the bands, this was my first introduction to Poets of the Fall, and I have to say, "Carnival of Rust" is a new fave... and so very fitting for Syn and Shay.

I also grabbed up some of what I could from the playlists of Born of Night, Born of Silence, Born of Fury, and the upcoming Born of Defiance. They were dearly entitled: Nykyrian's Ballet, Darling's Sounds of Silence, Hauk's Tunes of Tribulation, and Talyn's Chants of Defiance.

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