Contagion (Frost Station Alpha #4) by Ruby Lionsdrake

"It's totally inappropriate, and I know nothing can ever come of it,
but I'm falling in love with you, woman."

Ruby Lionsdrake
Frost Station Alpha, part four
Kindle Edition, 68 pages
Published August 20th 2015

Lieutenant Tamryn Pavlenko wants to make a name for herself in the GalCon Fleet, so naturally she requests an assignment on the infamous Frost Station Alpha, where pirate attacks are a way of life. The remote research outpost holds secrets that many are willing to kill for, and Tamryn is prepared to protect it from brigands, mobsters, and mercenaries—or whatever the galaxy throws at her.

The brochure, however, failed to mention the genetically engineered super humans who were supposed to have all been killed in a war that ended more than a century ago. It seems they’re not only alive, but they want the station. Oh, and one of them decides he wants Tamryn too.

This powerful warrior might be sexy and intriguing, but he was bred to kill, and she can’t let herself forget that he’s the enemy.

*Frost Station Alpha is a science fiction romance published in six parts.

Yes! A love confession! And some more hot smut... all in the confines of their shared prison.

The scientists manage to gas the place and Tamryn gives aid in subduing Makkon into a freezer cell, where she, too, is placed since everyone seems to have witnessed the tender kisses she shared with the enemy. Of course, they don't know if she can be trusted at this point.

So the tides turn in this installment only for a short time. By the end, Tamryn is once more Makkon's prisoner. And, once again, the two are at odds.

4 out of 5 stars.

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