Karac (Kaldar Warriors #1)

"Oh I haven’t even begun to manhandle you."

Tracy J. Yelden
Kaldar Warriors, book one
ebook, Kindle Edition, 264 pages
Published October 30th 2014
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One phone call was all it took to turn Ashley’s world upside down. Aliens from outer space? Check. Government deal to mandate women sign up for alien courtship? Check. A woman willing to allow someone else to dictate her life? No way in hell. Screw the government. Screw the aliens. She makes her own decisions on how her future plays out.

One small, obscure planet in the farthest reaches of the universe. How Karac and his fellow warriors stumbled across it, he’ll never know. But thank the gods they did. The planet was teeming with possible truemates. One mate for each warrior - a lifelong commitment of respect, loyalty, and protection. What more could a female ask for? Too bad his mate doesn’t see it that way.

Two different cultures, two different worlds. Will they come to understand each other, let alone make a lifelong bond? Trouble brews back on Karac’s home planet and Karac needs Ashley to see things his way, quickly. With time running out, Ashley will have to make a decision that could change the fate of the universe, forever.

Great reviews (and a premise built on a foundation similar to the much adored Brides of the Kindred series by Evangeline Anderson) led me to snatch up this Kindle Library book the moment I found it. Once in, I wasn't sure how far I would make it. Told, at first, from Ashley's point of view, her personality had a clashing affect on my own. However, soon enough she won me over and once she and Karac actually met (at about twenty percent in), I was officially hooked. Let me tell you, this chick has balls.

This first installment of the Kaldar Warriors opens up the day the Kaldarhns announce to the governments of Earth that they are willing to trade knowledge and technology for the opportunity to seek for their Truemates among the unmarried women of Earth. Contracts are drawn up and released to the public. The women, between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, have thirty days to register, providing a photo and blood sample. What happens after those thirty days is anyone's guess at that point.

From there, it's a rally for Ashley's family as they all come together to figure out how to protect the youngest, and only unmarried, member of the family. The final decision: Ashley has to disappear for the next seventeen years.

She has a mildly successful run, at first. But with only fifteen percent of the eligible population actually registering, the terms of the contract are unfulfilled, allowing the Kaldahrns to seek out their mates in phase two: public data searches, including Red Cross donor files. While 'love at first sight' may be an Earth myth, it's the very heart of the Kaldahrn mating ritual. When Karac first sees Ashley's photo, he's drawn to her. The first time their eyes meet, he knows she's his.

Something you should know about this book--something I didn't know because, as I said, I snatched it up quick as a bullet--is that there is no smut. The romance is beautiful, and that alone makes up for it. It's just... for a virgin who hasn't ever even kissed a guy, the girl deserved some hot smut. Just sayin'.

Now, if we can just locate the rock that this author is hiding under, I have a couple questions: 1) Where is book two? Is there a book two? Is it Darrok's story? Can it please be Darrok's story? I need some geek on geek action!

4 out of 5 stars.

Find the answers to my questions here.

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