My Protector (Bewitched and Bewildered #2)

Please send me my mate. I just want someone to hold.

My Protector
Alanea Alder
Bewitched & Bewildered, book two
Kindle Edition, 236 pages
Published December 22nd 2014 by Sacred Forest Publishing

Gavriel Ambrosios has been dreaming of his accident prone mate for weeks. Now that he is nearing the apex of his vampiric transition, she has made her way to Lycaonia, just when he is at his most dangerous.

Elizabeth Monroe was planning on staying in Lycaonia while humans forgot about the swan dive she took out of her boss’s office window. Little did she know that this short side trip was about to become permanent. Gavriel is the mate she has always dreamed of. Even as he sweeps her off her feet his need to protect her has him pushing her away. She’s both concerned with and drawn to his darker nature, but is determined to see him through his transition.

In the shadows their enemy has targeted Gavriel when they know he is at his most vulnerable. They creep ever closer to the Alpha estate putting the men on high alert.

But as the days get shorter and the nights get longer Elizabeth begins to wonder, which is the bigger threat? The enemy or her mate?

If you like a sappy romance, Gavriel is the man you want! Need a laugh? Meryn is just as feisty as ever. And this time around, she's blowing up Aiden's car. And it's no accident.

"Ryuu is Coffee God. Ryuu can do whatever the fuck he wants."

With the threat of ferals still looming about the estate, Gavriel, second in charge among the Alpha Unit and oldest living vampire, has more to worry about than just his forthcoming transition... He also has the most clumsy female that ever existed as a mate.

Bunny shifter, Elizabeth Monroe arrives on scene and is quickly accept by Gavriel, the Alpha Team, and the ever chaotic, Meryn, as My Protector continues the Bewitched & Bewildered saga with just as much focus on Meryn and Aiden as it gives to Elizabeth and Gavriel. You'll either love it or hate it because without a grand adventure or epic battle, it's rather simplistic. They meet, they love.. life goes on.

3 out of 5 stars.

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